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February 28, 2008

I'm an addict! Addicted to the Groove!

I just realized how good I'm feeling tonight, and I also realized why.

Since my departure from eBay, things have been a little slow. I was in limbo, hopping from here to there, reading this and that, trying to make decisions, and get my chibi-head on straight.

Well, now I'm settled in at OLA and I've got a bunch of little problems worked out, and I'm back in the groove.

What's the groove? What makes me feel all purposeful?
I like it when it's time to get off the computer, and I have enough things to check, that by the time I've cycled through all of them, enough time has passed that I can cycle through again.

OMG that makes me so excited. I'll check my mail, answer it if I have time, then check my auctions, then I'll check my Omail, then I'll check my YouTube. Then I check the groups that I'm members of, and answer any posts. Then it's over to CDHM to see if I've got any hits on my gallery. Then back to OLA to see if anyone has left me feedback yet.

And when that's all finished, I'm like, "well, I'd better check my email just real quick before I sign out, in case I need to respond to a question". And then there I go again.....round and round so that I'm never bored. So I leave when I wanna leave, not cuz there's nothing to do.

Oh yah......that's the groove, and I like it! Makes me feel like I'm more than just a housewife. Not that being a housewife is a bad thing....Oooooh noooo, I'm proud and happy to hold that position! But it's nice to feel that outside world inclusion too. he he

Okies....I'm off to run through the cycle just one more time before I go to bed.

Chibitude Level: 10/10

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