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June 6, 2013

Something Different!

Thank you so much for being a member of my mailing list. I really appreciate your support in so many ways. It's because of you that I'm able to continue.
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handmade polymer clay goobers
Blue Mouse with Cheese Chibi :o) 20130606043

Thank you so much for looking at my item.
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Details: This item I’m offering for sale is called a chibi. Each collectible is sculpted out of clay by hand and by me (the creator) using the highest quality polymer clays. The colors are custom mixed and various techniques are used which are unique to my items.

Each Chibitude Chibi is original. True reproductions are simply not possible as no molds are used for the main items. I do use some molds that I have created myself from my own sculptures for some accessories, such as little companion critters, lady bugs, bases, flowers etc.

Chibitude Chibis are little collectibles, sit-abouts, bric-a-brac, chachkies or dust collectors. :o) They are meant to be enjoyed with the eye and with close attention to detail.

They are created to be collected and live together in groups. Chibitude Chibis hope to make you and all who you share them with, smile and feel innocent childlike fascination.

About Me: I don’t really consider myself an artist. I feel more like I am a missionary for childhood innocence. I feel like the harshness of this world has taken a very special gift from so many adults. And I’m trying to give that gift back to them.

My goal: To spread chibitude to whomever I can. I really love the idea of a woman, who’s just had a tiring day at work with a gronky boss, and maybe a husband who’s too tired to talk, coming home and finding one of my packages waiting for them, with all the childish goofy stickers, and silly stories, and finally a sweet little lovable goober to look at them, say I love you, and not break their purse.

Thanks for viewing my item!
I appreciate you spending your valuable time with me and hope that you will be interested in my art.

xoxo Maddy
(Maddy Nupp McDonald)

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