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February 25, 2013

Polymer Clay Tutorial for $25. Manipulating Color Preview

I've done my first full length Tutorial with words and everything! I know......I spoke! Scary isn't it?
heheee...I'm still not onscreen except my hands, but that's all you need to see anyways...I'd
feel wrong asking for money and then scaring the hell out of everyone with my face. ;)

Anyhooo, the new video that I've created is teaching my special techniques that I've developed
for manipulating color. I have a blend that I call the "chibimaddy blend" just so that it can
be differentiated from the skinner blend, because it's done differently, and creates different

I also show how to use these blends in sculpting, how to move the blends and etc. I'm also
showing how to color your own polymer clay with acrylic paint without creating a big mess
and being able to easily duplicate the results.

I think if you're interested in polymer clay, you'll like this video.
Consider checking out my facebook page to read the reviews that it's got so far.

If you are interested, you can see the preview here:

Find the link to purchase the tutorial in the description. Thank you so much for your interest,
and I hope that you'll consider giving my tutorial a look. :o)

Thanks for your time! Have a great evening/day/morning/week!!!

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