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September 20, 2012 Monkey Alien in Ladybug Space Suit

Remember Ooblis? It's ok....they're from outer space and live under Kiki Valley.
Found this one in a ladybug suit. Seems they are starting to come out dressed
as other chibis to blend in. It's an invasion! OF LOVE!!! :o)

Do you like when I go off script?
Let me know if you do and I'll do it more often :o)
Thanks my buddies!!!!


  1. hey maddy i really wanna know has little remmie been adopted yet coz i want him!!!!!!! hes sooooooooo cayutee

  2. btw i live in the uk is that a promblem buying from u?????? v v

  3. hi i want to buy little remmi gas he been adopted ,how much is he and i live in the uk is that a problem also i dont have a youtube or etsy shop is THAT a problem also thank u
    remmi is sooooooo adorbs

  4. Awww, thank you so much! I'm sorry but little Remmi was adopted a couple of years ago. I can make one similar to him for you if you'd like. Being in the UK is no problem at all. Shipping is a bit higher. Send me a message if you're interested at this link:

    Thanks so much Katie!!! Talk to you soon, (I hope) xoxo