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January 17, 2012

New Project Started Wings

This next project is a crossover project. I'm making a new polymer clay dragonfly, but making the wings out of thread. Here you can see a picture of them as they are crocheted. You can view the graphical chart I sketched out on my Pretty Knots blog. They are crocheted out of Sulky sewing thread. This was accomplished by wrapping a fair amount of thread over a clothes pin, and then crocheting with a double strand (one coming from the spool and the other from the clothes pin). The Sulky thread is so beautiful and soft and shiny, and hard to crochet with. 10 needle or 0.75mm. View this type of thread on Amazon: Sulky Rayon Thread 40 Weight 250 Yards Hot Pink 942-1109; 3 Items/Order  It's so pretty.

Currently the wings are being starched/stiffened so that I can use them for wings. I've yet to decide if I'll embellish them more, or keep them simple. I'll post updates as I move along. The updates for the Dragonfly will appear on this Blog.


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