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May 7, 2010

Alex Toys » Air Hardening Clay (1Lb.)

July 4th, 2009
This is the first air dry clay that I’m experimenting with. I know, age 3 years. Well I’m over 3  years, so I guess that means it’s ok for me to try. ;) So far my results have been as expected. What I’m making looks like a 3 year old made it….LOL But you have to start somewhere and the price was right to give it a whirl. I’ll update this post with results pictures when I have them.

Air Hardening Clay (1Lb.)
USD$ 5.49
Item #265 – Item is available.
For clay creations that you want to last, use this paper based white clay that dries and hardens overnight and can then be painted. (1.10lb/500g)
Suitable for age: 3 year(s)
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