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December 10, 2009

2010 is coming, and I need your help.

I've wasted the entire year of 2009. I've been so caught up in the economy collapse and finances etc etc, that I've not been able to focus on anything.

I keep trying to energize myself by making schedules, buying new supplies, drawing little sketches, working on other projects. Anything to get my creative juices flowing again. But I continue to have the blahs.

And then there is also the other part of the economy woes, and that is that my collectors have been effected as well. And when things stop selling, well, it makes a person start to think they've overstayed their creative welcome, if you know what I mean...LOL

All of you creative peeps out there who sell online know what I mean when I say that. I worry that people are sick of the chibis. But then I see others sculpting their version of chibis, and that makes me wonder if they are doing it because they are still in love, or if it's because they want to make what they think is "easy money". It's a perplexing confusing set of thoughts for me.

So I was wondering....what is your opinion on this. Do you think the Chibis From Kiki Valley have gotten old and boring? Do you think that there is something else that I should move on to? Or maybe update something? I've been so out of it this past year, I'd love to hear any suggestions you have.

But please don't be mean, I still love the chibis, even if they're getting a little stale to others. K? :o)


  1. I am always endeared by your creations. I do not think they have become stale at all. I feel strongly that if you're happy creating something, then that is what you should do. I tried so long to fit the bill and make what others wanted me to make, but I am happiest with big eyed, big nosed, odd creatures that resemble people... so that is what I make... do what makes you happy, and it will reflect in your sales. Love you Maddy! PS I am coming to FL next week... let's get together...

  2. OH honey!!!!
    I LOVE the chibis and I always will! they are a big part of my life:) as you know! heheheh
    It would be a sad sad day if you stopped making them! SO PLEASE don't do it! LOL
    its hard when you are making something and you feel you HAvE to make it much as i love clayin/ making beads...its not my passion. I love my fairies and gingers and seems like i never get to make them as much as i would like......
    i guess what i am sayin is DON'T GIVE UP! it make take a while to get back into the swing of things but as a collector of your work.....I LOOK forward to a new year of chibis! I don't think they have become stale at all......
    if you love makeing them then keep on doing it....if you feel like you HAVE to make them....then don' what makes you happy! LOVE YOU GIRL! and i hope you don't give up on them............

  3. HI Maddy,
    I think you've hit the nail on the head about the economy, as I also see some collectors in dire straights reselling.

    However, I also have seen other sellers on ebay selling their version of "Chibi's". Dunno what their success rate has been tho.
    Unfortunately I think ebay still has a higher market volume. IMHO, I think you might want to keep some consistant sales going there (maybe monthly?), at competitive prices with the copy cats. Keep your creations and your name there, while also advertising the other half of your cuties where you have.

    Your imagination, creations, and quality of work are awesome! I also agree with Antoine...if you love what your doing, do NOT give up.
    Eventually the market has got to pick back up some day, and hopefully, some super competition to ebay will come about some day too.

    IMO, there is one seller copy cat on ebay with "chibi" type pieces who is far from being able to copy YOUR cute Chibi's, honest. If you list some like your originals on ebay, even starting at the same price, I truly feel YOU will be the one getting those bids and climb from your starting bid. To me, hands down, yours are light years cuter!

    I don't think your alone in feeling a funk at this time. Art isn't a necessary commodity during recessions and will suffer...but it won't last! Please keep your chin up and your name and pieces available.
    By the adorable Chibi kitten just appeared on the side here as I write...TOO CUTE!

    Head up sweety. Things may look different after the new year.
    Merry Christmas Maddy!
    Hugs, Vicki

  4. Maddy, don't think for a minute that your Ch1b1s are going stale. They have a way of cheering you up when you are down. All you have to do is pick one up, look in his eyes and you are hooked. Then you begin to notice all the details that are in this piece. Before you know it you have 20,30,40, 50 and counting. Please don't ever stop. You are the Grand Chibi and that is why each piece has a story to tell, and only you can tell that story. It's been a hard year for many many people. This year has got to be better Maddie. It will be better. Don't ever give up. Debbie

  5. Just a thought Maddie...
    I love your Chibi's, but I also love anything with wings on them. Do you do some flying Chibi's? I'm running out of room and would love to have some I can hang among my fairies! ;-)


  6. Gosh, what a big surprise. Seriously, I expected people to tell me that the Chibis were old news and that I should move on to something else. I'm SO glad that's not the case!!!

    Thank you so much for all of the wonderful inspiring advice. Who said eBay?...That's right, Vicki. You know, I've been afraid to go back because of the stunts that they started with the holding of paypal monies, but I think that you're right. I need to get something over there.

    And you know, I've ALWAYS wanted to make flying chibis, but didn't think anyone would be interested. If I did this, would the collectors expect a stand for the chibi to hang from? Are there certain ways to hang them that are more useful than others? I did make some chibi elves and snowflakes last year, and really hated when the season was over and had to stop.

    Jenny and are both so wonderful and such good Chibi Mommas. I can never thank you guys enough for the support and collecting you've done. :o) I'm so glad that you aren't sick of them. YAY!!! Debbie, did you ever get to use the acrylic case? I know it's way too small now for your collection. :)

    Jenny I do still love making the chibis. I get sooooooo discouraged though when I see others making them. And then I can't seem to snap out of my upsetness. xoxoox

    Antoine, I love your advice because I know when you tell me something it's direct New York truth. I never have to worry that you're fluffin' me. I'm glad you've stuck with your swamp fairies too Antoine! A person has to make what is in their heart. I still laugh when I think of your pumpkin who was carving his own face...LMAO.

    Thanks everyone! I really appreciate it so much!

  7. Well Maddy, You know that I fell in love with your Chibis the moment I saw you on The Fairy Society, there is nothing like your talent out there anywhere.

    Your Chibis are amazing and I love everyone I have and hope to get more. Keep true to yourself with all that you have thought and felt about them and keep them coming, there are A LOT of people that love them and will keep buying them, we just need more of them to buy Girl! :-)

    You make people feel good when they can see them and buy them, you are a maker of Good Feelings!

    Don't let the copy cats get to you, just keep making them cause they don't make Real Chibi's no one can compare to you!

    Love Ya Girl your amazing! Keep them Chibi's comin!


  8. Hi Maddy,

    You probably remember the emails we've exchanged and the fact that I really love your more detailed sculpts. I completely understand your need to simplify the sculpts to reach a broader audience, but just to let you know that's why I haven't been buying in a while, the simpler sculpts don't fit in my Chibi village as well. I still check all the auctions out and I think they all look very nice, but I do miss the more "mature" sculpts you did with the wonderful little diorama bases. But the bottom line is do whatever you're motivated to do because it is an artistic endeavor after all :-)

    --Tres Wright

  9. Maddy-

    You were one of the first people I bought fairy based colletibles from. I have gotten a chibi fro you also and wait for your emails telling when you have one available..I will always be a supporter for Chibis--Plus, I still love my first tiny--and I mean tiny fairy that you made with your own little handmade box for her. Keep up the great work and take heart that you still have supporters out here. I think it would be great if you went back to EBay too!! I also see some of my other favorite sculptors are supportive of you also--Jenny Kind and Antoine!! Kep up the great creative work that you do!!! I LUV the mini sculpts--fairy and chibi alike. (~.~) As always --your fan