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March 29, 2008


I've really let this section go, and it's stupid, because this is one of my favorite things. Tools!!!! When I am not inspired to sculpt, I like to reorganize my tools, or make new tools, or whatever. I'm a tool junkie. What I want to share today is a couple of neat little things that I've come up with on my down time. First is my new brush holder.

I found these really neat little grippers at Walmart. They come 3 in a pack, so I stuck them onto a glass picture frame, and now I can dry my brushes with the tips down instead of the tips up. All of my brushes would get curly ends after using them, and a gal on one of the groups I'm on told me that it was the way I was storing them. Soooooo....that problems solved. LOL

Here's another new tool that I made last week.

These are ordinary number 2 pencils, that I carved with an exacto blade. This way I can stamp my signature on the bottom of my clay instead of writing it. Cool huh? :o)

I've been working on my newest chibi, and am in the process of painting his little eyes, and while I was doing so, I realized the one tool that is most important for me.
It's the simple toothpick. Yes I do use a very find small paintbrush, but it's the toothpick that is invaluable to me.
When using premade eyes that are white, my first step is to paint the entire eye black. I allow the paint to go into the creases. Then I allow the paint to dry. The next step is where my favorite tool, the toothpick comes in. I use the toothpick to "erase" or scrape the black off of the eyes, except around the edges and in the creases. I also clean up any spots where I was a little messy on the lids.
The toothpick works incredibly well for scraping away painting mistakes. You would be amazed at how little pressure you need if you're working with acrylics. I use the toothpick to also place my white shine dots on the eye.
If you put a toothpick in water, and mash the end back and forth in your pliers, you can turn it into a tiny scruffy brush. Now that makes pretty little random marks when painting.

I also adore my color shaper tools. I have 2 that I specifically use with each and every doll, no matter whether it's a chibi, or a fairy.
You can view them here:
The ones that I use ALL the time are the Taper Point, and the Cup Chisel. I use the other ones as well, but not on every project. The Taper point, is so perfect for blending the clay. I use it to shape my eyes, and get into all those tiny places. The Cup Chisel is invaluable for my Chibis, as I use this tool to make their little toes.

Another group of "favorite tools" I have are my hand made tools. I've made many out of wood, simply using little dowels that I purchased at Walmart in the candy making section of the craft department. Working with little files and sandpaper, I've made various shapes.
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