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December 19, 2007

Website Update

OMG, I'm worn out. I finally got my gallery section of my website completed. That means I've got pictures of almost every sculpture I've done since 2002. I had a couple corrupted photos, so there's one or two missing.

I was real careful to put all of them up that I could. Even the ridiculously bad ones. I wanted to show that with perseverance and commitment that you really can advance. I wanted to show that I started with very little skill in sculpting. I came from the "jewelry world" with playtime in sculpting.

I also wanted to have a record of my progress and my whims. It's amazing how much I change what I'm doing, and how I go through kicks. I had my "frog period", my "unicorn period", my "fairy period", etc etc. And the techniques as well, I had a period where I didn't do bases. Then another where I did lots of bases. A period for Mica powders, a period for chalks, a period for colored clay, a period for painting, a period for texturing. Geeez....I'm not sure if I'm versatile or a flake....LOL

If anyone is interested in seeing the complete gallery of my past work, it can be found on my website:

The menu on the left provides access.

Chibitude level: 6.5/10

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