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December 14, 2010

Chibitude Sticker Wings


  1. These are very neat! Where do you get Halo Glaz? I tried searching for it and the site of the person who makes it does not appear to sell it? :(

  2. Thanks :o) Niki, I got my Halo Glaz from Indigo Imagination. She sells on ebay intermittently. I have her email address but do not want to post it on my blog, but I can give you her web address where you can find a link to her email.


    I think she has it available all the time, but only lists it in spurts. I hope this helps.

  3. Hey Maddy and Niki!
    I have great news!
    I have a new site that went up two nights ago.
    shortly there will be access to purchase all the Halo Glaz you want! Not only can you get the 11 colors of glaz there but i will have the 3 colors of Pearlz and soon I will have 2 colors of Glow in the Dark Halos.
    you can see it all here...
    Thanks to maddy for being my very first product tester and loyal customer!

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